Best Stainless Steel CookwareI spent a very busy and tiresome weekend with my younger brother. He just moved into an apartment after college and being his elder sister, I helped him with that. Organizing the stuff was easy as there was not much of it (like we girls do!) but purchasing the kitchenware and groceries was a real pain. We have to be on a budget and maintain the quality too. We were buying the cookware online and him, being unknown to kitchen utensils, chose the aluminum ones. I instantly said, “NO!” The Foodista, which has been an essential part of my reading for many years, comes up with what I consider highly trustworthy scores for cookware and other kitchen appliances. I went to The Foodista and bought everything recommended by them in stainless steel. No compromise with food – is what I believe in. If you are also thinking of buying a new cookware set, then you must first read cookware reviews at The Foodista. They analyze user-generated cookware reviews and recommends products for purchase based on their research and findings.

Having said enough of my weekend adventure, I thought to put down all the pros and cons of the Stainless Steel Cookware for all my readers so that they can get motivated and start investing in something good and healthy.

Stainless Steel Cookware – Myths and Myth Busters:

It is believed that the Stainless Steel Cookware is very expensive and is not much different from the copper or the aluminum one. I mean, what is the big deal in making a silly broth! It will be the same and taste the same in any cookware!! Right? But, trust a chef with an experience of more than 5 years and a well-earned degree from the best institute in the continent; that the Stainless Steel Cookware is the best you can get and cook things in.

Talking about the Pros:

When it comes to the Pros of Stainless Steel Cookware, there is a long list; the very first one being the Durability of the metal. Stainless Steel Cookware is highly durable and doesn’t rust, stain, leach, crumble, break, dent or destroy in any other sense. If handled properly, the cookware will never age or require replacement. However, one must know that the initial quality of the cookware will also determine its lifespan.

Stainless steel cookware copper coreHeat transfer ability of the Stainless Steel Cookware is the best. Generally, the high quality cookware comes with a base of copper or aluminum. This is because these metals get heated quickly and evenly which makes the cookware even better. If the quality of the cookware is ignored, the heating may not be even and the food will turn out overcooked from one side and undercooked from the other.

Being a chef I have to ensure that the dishes cooked by me are not flavorless and retain their taste for some time. Stainless Steel Cookware helps me in achieving this. The metal doesn’t react with the foods and doesn’t alter the taste.

A shiny appearance which will not fade away for ages is what I consider as another pro of the Stainless Steel Cookware. The polished metal surface will keep on shining brilliantly without taking much of the elbow effort for cleaning.

Cleaning the Stainless Steel Cookware is easy. You can use it in the dishwasher and if the food is somehow stuck on the bottom use the soap and steel wool and rub it away. The cookware will come out as bright and clean as the new one.

One last thing I consider as the plus point of Stainless Steel Cookware is that the cookware is recyclable. If somehow you damage your cookware, you can get it recycled and rest assured that your bit of protecting the environment is done and dusted.

Cons – If you consider them SO:

The Stainless Steel Cookware with low quality will have poor heat transfer and will thus deliver poorly cooked food.

The cookware is expensive and the more you focus on the quality, the more you have to shell out. But you don’t have to buy all the pots and pans in one go right? Buy one thing at a time, but buy something if the best quality and will serve you for ages without doing any harm.

Now, you have all the pros and cons of Stainless Steel Cookware and it might have become quite clear that it is the best you can get and you should get.


Zojirushi rice cookerI love cooking so much that I don’t even remember the first time I cooked. But there is this thing; I love to cook with a traditional bent of mind. I feel that until your hands and your mind doesn’t interact with the food, the food is not going to taste as good as it should. That’s why I don’t like eating out and all the attempts of my boyfriend to invite me on a date have been foiled. Walking, traveling, sitting at some quite place and doing nothing but talking; I am all good at that. But going to café, restaurants and other diners is just not my thing. It’s a good thing that he understands this and loves me a lot. Recently, I hosted a party and someone gifted me a rice cooker. Not that it was bad or something. It was a Zojirushi model and anyone would have jumped in joy at its sight. But me, I was confused at the very first sight.

I don’t believe in making cooking easy or fast or modern. That’s why I just thought to store it away and gift to someone else. But my boyfriend pursued me to use it at least once as my idea of dealing with it was rude. So, after a lot of speculation and persuasion, I used it to make basic white rice. I was surprised to find that the rice was super awesome. I have been using the rice cooker of late and think that I am in a good position to compare cooking rice with and without a rice cooker.

Advantages of cooking in a Rice Cooker

Rice dishesIt is pretty obvious that cooking in a rice cooker saves time, energy, is effortless and enables even a novice to cook various types of rice and other dishes. The ease of just measuring the rice and adding water etc, and wait for the device to just signal you the completion of the cooking cycle has made it a dire necessity of everyone’ cooking life. Pan is easy to clean, you don’t have stir the ladles, peep inside the pot to check whether the rice is ready or not and you don’t even have to fret over the texture as the rice cooker has a control for that too. Hence, the rice cookers have made it possible for even children to cook rice and not just one type; of different types, different textures, soups, porridge, stews and even steamed vegetables. Rice cooker is a wonder. Really.

These days, rice cookers come with the fuzzy logic and even more advanced, the Neuro-Fuzzy –Logic which makes them understand the cooking as we humans do. They have windows for minor measuring errors and provide further more options in terms of things you can make in them as well as textures of rice you can prepare using them. It is very easy to clean them, store them and use them. If you are interested in buying a rice cooker, I would recommend you Zojirushi brand. Best Rice Cooker Reviews of 2016 provide the best brands and a guide to help you choose the right one four your needs.

Now, let us have a look at the Disadvantages too.

Disadvantages of cooking in a Rice Cooker

Well, as such, there are no major drawbacks in cooking rice with a rice cooker. The cooking has been greatly simplified with it. But, the persons who know the cooking, taste and flavours can tell you that the rice cooked slowly over low heat in a ceramic pot or earthenware is just like a piece of heaven in your mouth. That distinct sweet and earthen aroma of rice and the fragrance reaches to your soul and enriches your body. The rice cooked in pots doesn’t require much electronic control and is easy to make too. If you want to add some condiments meanwhile the rice is being cooked, you will not be able to use the rice cooker.

Rice cooker means – Once the rice has been put for cooking, you cannot remove the partially cooked rice and add some condiments etc and set it to cooking again. There are a lot of varieties of dishes in which we do so. Apart from that, the cost of a pot is much less than a rice cooker and saves you a lot in terms of money too.

Comparing the list of the advantages and disadvantages of rice cookers, you might have noticed that there is not much one could signify as the disadvantages of the rice cookers. This is why I use my pot as well as my Zojirushi cooker as per my preference and hold no grudges against that (just for laughs).


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