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How Many Times a Week Do You Make Whoopie?

Unfortunately, Holm Made Whoopie Pies only sell their products in North Carolina, but I want to take this opportunity to introduce to you what I had been missing in my life for so many years – The Whoopie Pie. The Whoppie Pie is considered a phenomenon in New England. My best friend has vivid memories of Whoopie Pies growing up in Maine (where it is the official state treat). Being the jaded former New Yorker that I can sometimes be, I discounted her enthusiasm and assumed it would taste like any of the supermarket cream-filled chocolate desserts that line our supermarket shelves and contribute to childhood obesity.

Well, Holm Made Whoopie Pies are not like anything I have tasted on a shelf. They are a deep, moist, rich chocolate cookie with a thick filling in the middle. They are made with fresh, all-natural ingredients, no preservatives or artificial flavoring. Gotta love that!

Dare I say that the Whoopie Pie is right up there with a brownie in my eyes!?!? Yes, I am gonna say it and say it loud and proud! Whoopie!!!! Please Loni Holms – take your baking talents nationally. All of America deserves to experience your take on the Whoopie Pie.

Please visit to see where you can buy these historically delicious desserts.

Perfect Goody For: Your single friend who has not made whoopie in a while. This is better :)

  • Vanessa

    I told you so! Life changing!

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