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Vermont Brownie Company Makes my Job AWESOME!

My all time favorite dessert is the brownie. I am not picky either. I love a boxed brownie, a gourmet brownie, a stale brownie, brownie crumbs…you get the idea. I knew it would not be hard to please me when Vermont Brownie Company graciously offered to send me a sampler pack of their most popular brownies to review. I even got a brownie magnet for my fridge…whooooooo!!

For $21 you can give that special someone six unique brownies. So far they are all delicious, but I was blown away by the Maple Toffee Crunch. Toffee is really getting me going these days and this brownie is no exception. The first thing my daughter said when she saw the packaging was “this is perfect for my teachers,” and I would agree.

With that said, Vermont Brownie Company represents an area of the country that is touched with down to earth people and sophistication. The brownies are made using local, farm-fresh ingredients and are preservative free. The packaging is representative of the brand 100%. The logo is a sheep, which is appropriate since Vermont had more sheep than people in the 1800s. Everything about this product is exactly what I associate Vermont to be: beautiful, simple, and refined.

The best part about my job is reading the inspiring stories of the people who start the companies I review. Take the time to review how Katherine And Shawna created Vermont Brownie Company. Proof that people have the ability to make dreams become a reality and turn struggles into success. So inspirational!

Perfect Goody For: Your child to bring to their new teacher the first day of school. Forget the Apple, when there are brownies in town!

  • Shawna Lidsky

    I just want to thank you so much for the very “sweet” review. I’m just so touched by what you said about a persons ability to turn struggles into success. Best of luck to you and thanks again! Warmly, Shawna Lidsky, Co-founder of Vermont Brownie Company

  • Jessica

    Or, perfect to send to your sister-in-law who loves brownies as well!! Can’t wait to try them.

  • Derek

    Do we leave the entry here?

    Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cake!

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