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Who am I and Why am I Here?

This was a question I struggled with for 35 years. When I decided to start Goodies for Gifts my life had been turned upside down. A year earlier I found my Birth Mother and in a short period of time my life became derailed. I was depressed, distracted, and a shadow of the person I knew I was born to be. Returning to work and throwing myself into some new hobbies were essential to rebalancing my emotions.

You will learn more about me through my reviews and my blog, but it is important that you know why I am here. I need you to understand the passion for which I write this blog and how essential it is to my sense of peace. I am not doing this to make money or gain “social media” fame. I simply decided that I wanted to know more about social media to remain current. So, at 36 I am slowly learning, knowing that I will make mistakes along the way. Thanks for reading – I think you will find me pretty interesting.

  •* Amy Shainman

    Love goodies for gifts website! Rockin’ idea and great finds. :)

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