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Valentine’s Day Hits Goodies For Gifts

Whether you love Valentine’s Day or hate it with a passion, there is no denying that love is in the air. I can honestly say that Valentine’s Day never meant too much to me or my husband. In fact, we usually order pizza on Valentine’s Day if one of us isn’t plagued by the flu which has happened on several occasions.

This year feels different to me for some reason. Perhaps it is because our children are getting older and my energy is slowly returning.  I am beginning to see my husband again as more than just the “other person” in the house that helps with the kids.  What a relief that after nine years of marriage, we are emerging from this ever encompassing cloud of babies, diapers, discipline and activities and we still love one another!

In fact, we love each other more than ever before and that deserves celebrating! I look forward to the future of my marriage and many years of Valentine’s Day celebrations.

So, in true Goodies fashion, we have created a Valentine’s Day Occasion that is being updated every single day by the growing number of vendors that make Goodies For Gifts the fabulous gift-giving resource that it is.  We have also updated our logo for the month.  The hearts might be little, but our love is big here at Goodies For Gifts!



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