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Catch a Piece of Maine Gives the Scoop on Shipping Lobster

One of the lobster-men at Catch A Piece of Maine contributed this post outlining the journey of the Maine lobster from the ocean to your doorstep.  Lobster is my all-time favorite food so I had to add in my two cents throughout the post in italics. Enjoy!

The day for us lobster-men starts early (they look pretty fine for getting up so early!), usually before sunrise, when we fill up our gas tanks and bait barrels. We start to head offshore and on the ride out the Stern-men (deckhand,) bait the traps with Herring (I have no clue what any of that means, but it sounds manly). Once we get to where we are going, we set our traps (I already taste the melted butter). Then we head to the traps that we set a couple days earlier. We begin to haul in these traps, taking the lobsters we caught out of the trap, measure them to make sure they’re legal (bodies between 3 1/4 inches and 5 inches.) We band the keepers, and put them into their holding tank (is anyone else drooling)? Once we have hauled all the traps we head into Catch a Piece of Maine to sell our catch. Once the lobsters are received, we grade the lobsters into sizes and shell qualities (Chicks, quarters, halves…. Hard-shell, soft-shell,) and we tag them accordingly and put them into our holding tank (these people are organized)! We then check for orders, go out to the tank and pull out the lobsters that we need to fill the orders (Come to Mama)! Any surplus from the day are used for our lazy man’s lobster, so it gets cooked the next morning, or we cut the tails off them and freeze them for tail orders. We pack them into our Styrofoam boxes with seaweed, sides, information packet and ship them to our faithful customers, whom receive them the very next day after being harvested (I love Maine).                      

Forget about long restaurant waits and low quality food this Valentines Day. Order in Maine Lobster and spend quality time with your sweetheart.  Click here to see the “droolworthy” choices from Catch a Piece of Maine  (and I don’t mean the lobster-men).

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