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Support Local Food Businesses and Say #NoMoreYuck

Phew…Valentine’s Day is over and just like Halloween I am waiting for the appropriate time to throw out the bags of “yuck goodies” my kids dragged home from school. As a Mother it is always a gamble. If I throw them out too early, I deal with tears and whining. If I wait too long, the kids forget all about the yuck goodies and I end up eating them piece by piece, nibble by nibble.

So far my husband (this is NOT a picture of him) and I (mostly me) have eaten about 15 sour gummy hearts that look as if they were processed in 1975, 10 chocolate hearts that tasted like chalk, and 2 boxes of conversation hearts that are still repeating on me.

Please parents, stop doing this to me! Let’s all stop buying these cheap cavity forming bags of junk from Big Box retailers. Instead, let’s support quality boutique food companies and buy things like all-natural gourmet marshmallows, made-from-scratch candy, and cake pops made to perfection.  The fact is, kids only care about the yuck for a day or two and we pay the price in guilt and heartburn. Spend a little more upfront and feel less guilt while enjoying a quality product AND supporting a local business.


Use hashtag #NoMoreYuck to join the crusade to stop Moms (and Dads) from handing out yuck goodies in school.

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