5 Goodies to Make Your BBQ the Talk of the Neighborhood!

Long days, warm evenings and, of course, barbecues! The first day of summer is just around the corner, which means you’ll be uncovering the grill and taking the party to the backyard. Here are five goodies that will keep your guests talking about your BBQ long after the coals have cooled!
1. The Perfect Bar BBQ Cocktail
Get the party started with something cold and classy! Just add your favorite wine to to Old World Gourmet’s Grape Vine Ice Stir, and you have the perfect signature drink.
2. A New Spin on Cheese and Crackers
Half the fun of a barbecue is noshing while the steaks sizzle, right? Give your your guests something to ooh and ahh over with Wicked Kickin’ Cheesecakes’ seafood dip pack.
3. Something on the Grill for Everyone
Why limit yourself to hotdogs and hamburgers when you could be the hostess with the mostess serving sirloin, flat iron and burgers all for $59? Or turn your feast into a surf-and-turf withCertified Steak & Seafood’s Seafood Sampler!
4. Turn up the Heat!
Everybody has Texas Pete, but you’ll be the only one on the block with Texas Tamale Company’s Fearsome Foursome! One caveat — with flavors like Texas Tail Torcher and Cayenne Cowboy, you might need some extra water on hand.
5. Marshmallows (Almost) Too Good for Roasting
The perfect way to end the evening. Gather round the fire pit with a big bowl of gourmet marshmallows, with flavors like Chocolate, Strawberry, and Raspberry.

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