Best espresso machine brands

by Lynn on April 23, 2015

Amidst the multiple espresso machines available on the market today, there are a few brands widely recognized as the best ones. However, choosing the right espresso machine can be really overwhelming, as there are a lot of options to consider. What type of espresso machine do you want – semi automatic or super automatic? Do you prefer to use pods or do like your coffee freshly grounded. If all those options confuse you, do not panic. Here is a list of the best espresso machine brands on the market.
espresso machine brands


Breville offers to coffee enthusiasts top of the line and very stylish espresso machines. It is among the most purchased models on the market, as they are well built and easy to use.   The Breville espresso machines are designed to satisfy the coffee connoisseurs and offer a number of options. Both novices and professional baristas can operate the machines with amazing results. Most of the models come with built in grinder, which allows the user to control the dosing and have always freshly grounded coffee beans for the perfect espresso. The Breville espresso makers are not the cheapest out there, but they would eventually pay for themselves and turn you into real baristas.


Delonghi has long ago established a high reputation for its espresso maker machines, thanks to their sleek and very Italian style. The Delonghi espresso machines come in all shapes and brands and some of the best ones has even a dual function filter holder, which allows you to use both pods and ground coffee. They are sure to give you the ideal amount of cream and come with two individual thermostats – one for the water pressure and the other for the steam one. Delonghi has perfected its espresso machines to achieve the perfect espresso and cappuccino taste, which we seldom find outside of Italy.


Jura manufactures impressive and high end espresso machines, which allow you to choose your favorite coffee drink, push a button, and relax while it is prepared for you. Jura Z9 was rated as the best super-automatic espresso machine by The Edge.


The Rancilio brand of espresso machines is recognized for their longevity and reliability. These amazing machines are not very costly and provide a real coffee experience for both connoisseurs and novices. The brand had designed a number of useful extras, which add to the characteristics of the espresso machine. The Rancilio espresso machines are solidly built from steel and plastic.


For real espresso enthusiasts, Nespresso has the perfect machines, which produce strong and perfect cups of espresso. The coffee makers are not very expensive, but you have to buy also the Nespresso coffee capsules. The capsules come in all flavors and make the coffee making process very clean. If you have not time for filter holders and spilled grounds, this is the machine for you.

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