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Gourmet Texas Tamales Make the Perfect Gift

A few weeks ago I opened the cutest bags of tamales I have ever seen in the mail…wait, I have never seen a bag of tamales sent in the mail – have you? Probably not. Truthfully, this was my first spin at eating Tamales, let alone famous Texas Tamales from Houston. The Texas Tamale Company [...]

East Meets West at Fusion Sweets

Fusion Sweets is one word – fun. They have a phenomenal website, where images of candy jump off the screen and land on your sweet tooth. The packaging is adorable, the flavors are unique, and most importantly – the candy is delicious. Based out of South East Michigan, Fusion Sweets infuses Eastern and Western influences [...]

Goodies For Gifts Wants Your Food Memories

I often think about the events of my life, and recall how food was such a big part of those events. When I got married, my wedding cake stands out in my head for so many reasons. It was beautiful of course, but I mainly remember cutting the cake with Mike to the song, “Who [...]

Weekend Post: Candy’s Owls

Candice Christopher, how talented are you? Check out these adorably creative Owl Cake Pops from Candy’s Cake Pops. Located in Boca Raton, Florida, Candy’s Cake Pops offers bite size Cake Pops for every occasion. More information about Candy’s Cake Pops can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Candy’s Cake Pops has a great blog [...]

Ms. Jenny’s Pickles are Hot to Trot

Jenny and Ashley of Ms. Jenny’s Pickles were one of my first supporters when I started my site. They truly are NICE women who have been through the hardship of losing financial jobs due to the economic downturn. They admirably picked themselves up and started a pickle company from the small town of Kernersville, NC. [...]

Me and JP Before the Final Rose

This is more of a LOOK AT ME than a review, but I had to share this with my readers! I met JP, from the Bachelorette on a Carnival Cruise when I was 16 years old and here we are together sharing what looks like a wild night in the teen disco. Thank you Susan, [...]

Candy’s Cake Pop Craze

Cake Pops are the trendiest dessert around. Talented bakers and entrepreneurs are taking the cupcake out of its wrapper, rolling it in a ball, adding some magic, and putting it on a stick. Cake Pops are mess free, customizable, and great for large groups of people. Candice Christopher, owner of Candy’s Cake Pops is one [...]

How Many Times a Week Do You Make Whoopie?

Unfortunately, Holm Made Whoopie Pies only sell their products in North Carolina, but I want to take this opportunity to introduce to you what I had been missing in my life for so many years – The Whoopie Pie. The Whoppie Pie is considered a phenomenon in New England. My best friend has vivid memories [...]

New Awakenings Organic Coffee is Fighting Cancer in Ethiopia

I am by no means a coffee critic. These days, I like most any coffee. In fact, I have retired from going to Starbucks on a regular basis and now drink the Kirkland Coffee from Costco. Makes more sense with three kids, two dogs, and a horse. That was until I learned about New Awakenings [...]

“Goodies from Grandma” Giveaway & Review of New England Blueberry Coffee Cake

The people at My Grandma’s of New England clearly know how much I love their Original Coffee Cake so they sent me their New England Blueberry Coffee Cake for review on Goodies For Gifts. I sample the products that are sent to me in what I feel is the proper setting they should be tasted [...]

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