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The Ultimate Mother’s Day Bloody Mary

The Ultimate Bloody Mary

Yes! Mother’s Day is almost here…finally an excuse to do nothing and take a legitimate break from marketing food gifts We all need a break and I need some QT with my family and some serious drinking. Not tons of booze, not even an entire bottle of wine. All I want is a delicious Bloody [...]

Baby Gifts For Jessica Simpson and Maxwell


Jessica Simpson’s baby girl, Maxwell Drew Johnson was born yesterday and we could not be happier for her. Of course, we have chosen the perfect baby gift for the little bundle of “girliness” and for the fabulous new Mom. Let us know what you think! Since Maxwell cannot eat much just yet, we have selected [...]

dd’s Cupcake Shop of Jupiter, Florida


Last week we were in Jupiter, Florida enjoying Spring Break with our children.  Since I couldn’t totally let go of work, I wanted to share with you a local Jupiter Cupcake Shop that is a “must-visit” if you are ever in town. When dd’s Cupcakes opened in 2008, I was probably the first customer. The owner, [...]

Gift Ideas for Bubba Watson


Poor Bubba Watson! Who cares if he cried like a school girl when he won the Master’s! It made me “heart” Bubba and probably upped his marketing value (at least to women) ten fold.  Did you see how he embraced his Mommy not once, but twice? Swoon I loved the Pink Ping Driver he used. I [...]

The Titanic is Back! Grab Your Popcorn!


The Titanic is back! I fell in love with Leonardo DiCaprio during that movie and the previews are making me want to return to the summer of 1997. My best friend from High School and I cried like idiots at the end of the movie. In fact, we cried like idiots the entire ride home [...]

Hilary Duff’s Baby Gift from Jessica Alba


I am a bit older than Hilary Duff and to be honest I tend to mix her up with LeAnn Rimes. My bad! Regardless, she is a beautiful girl and I am happy for her as she begins this stage of her life. She certainly seems to be a class act and a good role [...]

Goodbye Guilt and Hello Brownies

good pic

I am tired of feeling guilty for eating brownies as a coping mechanism.  I am 37 years old, and I love me some brownies! Eating brownies has always been my way to deal with almost any situation. To be honest, ever since I have started feeling guilty about ransacking a box of brownies when I [...]

5 Reasons to Do Your Easter Shopping Online


Owning a company like Goodies For Gifts has many perks, but the best part is sharing the fun with my three daughters.  This year, The Easter Bunny is doing all of his Easter basket shopping online and here are 5 reasons why you should too: 1. Support small businesses who depend on holidays such as [...]

Go-To-Gift For Men


As my husband and I age gracefully, I have realized that shopping for him is like shopping for my Father – impossible! What on earth do you get a man over 35? I put together a “go-to-gift” for your hubby or significant other. This is a perfect Father’s Day Gift or Birthday Gift for your [...]

Food Gifts For A Cause


Lately, I’ve thinking about the various organizations dedicated to improve the national or global food landscape. Now is the perfect time to spread some charity! Goodies For Gifts is calling on our fans for help.  It’s easy!  Tell us about an amazing food charity and we will add it to our Food Charity Board on Pinterest to [...]

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